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Custom Auto Limited is duly registered in Kenya. We are direct Importers and Dealers of New & Used Cars

Procedure and the requirements for importation into Kenya and clearance through Customs Kenya

Enlist the services of a clearing agent who will process the import documentation through Kenya Customs electronically on the Simba 2005 system and clear the goods on your behalf. An import declaration fee (IDF) of 2.25% of the CIF Value subject to a minimum of Ksh. 5,000.00 is payable. Customs will assess duty payable depending on the value of the item(s) and the duty rate applicable.

KS 1515:2000: KEBS Notice of used/second hand motor vehicles allowed into Kenya

Used / second hand motor vehicles including returning residents, diplomatic staff and the general public MUST observe clause 2.5 of KS 1515:2000 on the eight (8) year age limit requirement, only Right Hand Drive (RHD) motor vehicles whose Year of First Registration is from 1st January 2015 and later shall be allowed into the country effective 1st January 2022. Kenya Customs enforces this requirement. See KEBS NOTICE